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100+ business credit cards in one click See your options . Starting and running a brewery business can be expensive, with start-up costs that can easily top $1 million or more. That’s where brewery financing comes in. You’ll likely need financing to start and grow your brewery. Here we’ll discuss a variety of lending options for microbreweries, craft breweries and tap rooms.  According to the nonprofit Brewer’s Association , there are over 8800 regional craft breweries, microbreweries, taprooms and brew pubs in the U.S. While the number of regional craft breweries declined in 2020, all other categories continued to grow. For many small business owners, a brewery part business opportunity and part fulfillment of a dream. But that dream requires dollars— and often a lot of them.  like it There are many items a brewery owners may need to finance, including: Real estate purchase or renovation. Those sloped floors cost money! Taproom construction, renovation or build out  Brewery equipment, including kegs, boilers, fermentation tanks and refrigerators Bottling equipment including bottles, labelling machines, and canning lines Licenses and permits, including a state liquor license And that’s just scratching the surface! It’s easy to see how costs can add up quickly.  If you’re determined to build a brewery business, your first job is to make sure you create a solid foundation for your business. It’s not enough to create a product that beer lovers clamor for; you’ll have to make sure you have systems in place to manage cash flow, keep your employees paid, and survive the ups and downs that all brewer owners experience from time to time.  A business plan is essential and it you can find out more must contain detailed sales and financial projections, pricing, and distribution plans. You’ll need to build in a realistic timeline for getting up and running (or expanding), which can easily take 4-12 months or longer. Make sure you have a business bank account and that you use it exclusively for business purchases.  Work with a CPA or accounting professional with experience in this type of business if at all possible. The book Small Brewery Finance: Accounting Principles and Planning for the Craft Brewer by Maria Pearman can be a helpful resource as well.  Tip: Tap into free resources from Small Business Administration partners. You can get free help with your business plan, marketing and ongoing mentoring from your local Small Business Development Center or SCORE.  There are a number of options you may consider when it comes to getting financing:  The SBA guarantees certain small business loans . Some of these loans may be available to a qualified start-up brewery though most banks and traditional lenders prefer to work with more established businesses.  Except for disaster loans, SBA loans are made by lenders approved by the SBA. That means you may need to shop around to find the SBA lender that’s a good fit for your business.  SBA loan programs that may be particularly helpful for a brewery loan include the SBA 7(a) program which provides loans of up to $5 million that may be used for working capital, real estate, equipment and refinancing debt.  The CDC 504 loan program offers loans in partnerships with a private lender and a non-profit Community Development Corporation.

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